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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 9, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely here because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: here we are 55 days from the midterm elections. the president made a stunning admission about the democrats prospects this evening in an interview with abc news. >> if the election is a referendum on are people satisfied about the economy as it is, then we are not going to do well, because i think everybody feels like, this economy needs to do better than it has been doing. >> sean: that came on the heels in the speech in ohio where he was pitching the same policies that have gotten democrats into this difficult position. not many turned up to hear him. the cleveland dealer reports that event organizers were ling to fill seat as hour before the speech.
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they asked students where the event took place to fill the empty seats at last minute. with his recruited audience in place the president charged forward on the subject of the bush tax cuts. he took a page from liberals on campaigns past. class warfare. >> the president: i believe we ought to make the tax cuts for the middle class permanent. for the middle class, permanent. but the republican leader of the house doesn't want to stop there. make no mistake, he and his party believe we should also give a permanent tax cut to the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> sean: shockingly the president went so far as to blame the bush tax cuts for our economic woes. >> the president: when they passed these tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 they didn't want everybody to know what it would do to our deficit. so they pretended like gonna
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end even though now they say they don't. >> sean: the president had a rare moment of honesty during his speech. i hope voters are watching this. >> the president: taxes are scheduled to go up substantially, next year. for everybody. >> sean: that's right, i know the anointed one will make sure that happens. joining me with reaction former adviser to president george w. bush the one and only karl rove the architect is back. welcome back, sir. >> thank you sean how are you? >> sean: i'm good. if it is going to be a referendum on his economic policies, the democrats are not going to do women if i'm campaigning and i hear the president say that and he put me into this mess and he put me in the position of making these controversial votes, i don't think i would be too happy. >> all across america i think we can hear teeth gnashing, cars being driven from campaign event to campaign
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event there are a lot of democrats who go home and cry themselves to sleep. the issue is the economy. you look at the gallup poll this week of the nine issues they tested the top four were economy, jobs, spending and corruption in washington. the democrats are behind on all of those economic questions by a margin of between 5 to 15. the number one issue is the economy. the democrats are behind the eight ball on this in a bad way. for the president, it was a refreshing bit of candor. if i were a democrat, i would not be happy with my president. >> sean: it is frightening if the president yes we can people fainting a long way we've come in 20 short months they have to recruit a crowd because they can fill the room an hour before the speech. then he goes back to the tried and true warfare rhetoric top 2% pay over 40% of the tax bill in the country he forget
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to remind people they create the jobs. >> and filers are small businesses 54% of all subchapter will pay higher taxes under his plan, 50% of ail small business income will be tacked at a higher rate. those businesses -- be taxed at a higher rate. we know also it is volatile small business may be in that top pool this year and out of it next year. it is not just the same 2% are going to get taxed every year. the president was a class warrior he fell back on those old tricks that he does in moments of desperation he engaged in accusing his opponents of believing things they don't and saying things that he has got to understand are not true. like making the same claims about the health care and stimulus bills that he's made before. >> sean: he did tell everybody, he was honest, rare moment,
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said everybody's taxes are going up. i thought that was refreshing. obviously, with all the class warfare rhetoric. i have in my hand what will be in the "wall street journal" tomorrow. a column by you. you start out with words that i've waited a long time for to you say. because i've been asking you for a number of weeks and months where you think the election is headed. you said as -- all signs point to a punishing defeat for the democrats in the house of representatives. karl rove welcome aboard. >> let me tell you what we did. get every public poll i could get about congressional races since july and looked at 'em. there are 111 of those polls, sean. a really remarkable number. they cover 79 districts. what they show is as follows: they show in democrat districts, held by democrat incumbents there are 30 who
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are behind their republican opponents. in open seats there are 7 democratic open seats in which the republican leads. conversely, in the republicans, there's only one -- 14 distri republicans, eight are helped by republican incumbents only one is behind his democrat opponent in six open seats only two in which the republican is behind. there are 37 democrats who today are behind the republican opponents or democrat district where a republican leads there are only three republican seats that are at risk. that's a net republican gain in these districts alone of 34 seats. the republicans only need 30 to win. what was also remarkable is, 36 democrats who lead their republican opponent by less than five points. most of those by 12 of 'em by less than three points. all but two instances those
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democrats are far more better known than the republican opponents. meaning the more the republican gets known in the last few days, few weeks of the campaign, the better they have -- the better their chance to win. i see a tsunami coming and it ain't gonna be pretty in the obama white house. >> sean: based on your numbers, the column, you are upwards of 70 plus seats. >> i don't think -- no, no, look i think there are 80 or 90 seats in play. if you take charlie cook, stu rothberg, the national journal and the study for npr by stan greenberg, there are 105 democrat house seats that showed up on one or more of those four prognosticators' list. i think we have 80 or 85 seats in play. i bet you a dime to a dollar we wake up the day after the elections and the republicans will won a seat we have never thought about and discussed with a candidate that we barely know his or her name.
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>> sean: we are going through this in great detail. always a pleasure, thanks. >> thanks sean. >> sean: plenty more hannity coming up, straight ahead. >> one day i would like to represent the city of chicago. >> sean: it is his kind of town is rahm ready to head home to be the next mayor of chicagoland? >> top five ways to know your party is in big trouble. democrats are you watching? >> prince an harry reid refuses to take any responsibility for the state of the economy. of the economy. that and michelle activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia,
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>> sean: tonight in your america, democrats watching as their party plummets in the polls. beyond the poll numbers we are seeing additional signs that the gop gains could be on the way. democrats, these are the five ways you know your party is in big trouble. >> number five, top democratic donors are bailing on party. analysis of the houston chronicle reveals 126 businesses that supported senate democrats in 2008 are almost all supporting republicans. number four, the party that once praised obamacare is changing its tune this is what we heard from nancy pelosi in march. >> we believe in was passed as an all-american act. >> sean: now democrats are
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running away from that all-american act. of the house democrats who vetted for obamacare none released ads highlighting their vote. number three, most democrats want nothing to do with their party's leader. today the associated press published an article under a headline that red: -- that read: fewer democratic candidates seek obama's help. arkansas governor talked about the phenomenon with reporters yesterday. >> i think judging from the polls i've seen on approval ratings president obama couldn't help many people. that's about as candid as i know how to be. >> sean: number two, it appears democrats still think is 2004 because they can't stop talking about the former president george w. bush. >> i don't have any hand in what took place during the bush administration. >> the president: they have not come up with a single solitary idea that is any
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different from the policies of george w. bush. >> sean: but, are americans buying the strategy? according to a wall street journal/nbc news poll, the answer no. 58% surveyed said if the gop wins control of the congress they will bring new ideas to the table that brings us to the number one way democrats know their party is in trouble. under a democratically controlled congress americans' dissatisfaction with the federal government has reached its highest point in 18 years. joining when reaction to this list of concerns for the democrats, sandra smith and kate obenshain. you both are smiling: look, if democratic donors -- they are looking out for their business interest they go with the flow. >> it is not a business-friendly administration.
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businesses still aren't hiring. the end of the day they see health care costs rising, tagses going up. the employees at those 126 companies they gave their money to democrat two years ago. this time they are saying this isn't working out for us. >> democrats are saying the reason is that they are their bets that these businesses are protecting our own interests. it is because they are so shocked they've been burned by the policies the financial institution supported obama in 2008. now they are shifting. something we have to keep in mind the unreported donations. still, even though it looks good for republicans, union donations -- >> sean: good point. >> democrats still have a major fundraising advantage. >> sean: one of the things i'm finding humorous is democrats you think they would run on passing health care 219, not one running an ad. democrats that voted against it, i wasn't one of those
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guys. i had nothing to do with what that party did. >> health care costs are rising so much faster than anybody and 'tis tated. today etna, blue cross/blue shield said premiums are going up between 1 to 9% within weeks this is happening so much faster than anybody anticipated. this will speed the progress for republicans heeding -- heading into november. >> sean: their agenda has failed the american people and the polls show that they don't want to be seen with obama pelosi, they don't want to be seen with harry reid. >> obama demonstrated today he's tone-deaf. you are not supposed to talk about health care and stimulus packages. he's talking about a 50 billion dollar stimulus package. >> sean: telling us he's going to raise taxes. >> exactly to pay for a stimulus package after half of the trillion dollar stimulus package still hasn't been spent. >> the thing that got to a lot of people that continues, that denial we see from the
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administration. yesterday sean, robert gibbs, at the white house said by any measure the economy is better today than it was two years ago. when unemployment was 6.1% two years ago now we are at 9.6? >> sean: what is this man smoking? he can't even believe his own propaganda. i get frustrated with the fixation blame bush, blame bush. he promised us 20 months ago, he begged to be president. he's president. mr. president, i told new before, man-up. sit at the table, put your pants on. take responsible. it is his debt. it is his deficit, it is his economy. his health care, stimulus, budget. >> all the things that bush did they criticized bush for, obama has done and overdone. stimulus spending even more on spending in afghanistan. spending, spending. it is hard for them to say they are taking a different tact from bush. but their tact against bush is
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indicative of what they are going to do in the fall. they are going to smear. going to try to tie republicans to bush. also what they do so well, smear good, decent human beings, good decent republicans, they are good at that. >> sean: we pointed out that the dissatisfaction with the government is at its highest level in 18 years, that's an ominous sign. look at all the polling data, we've been through it here on the show. the one thing that concerns me the most is the nearly 2/3 of americans that think america is now in decline. that speaks volumes. they've opinion in control. they've had congress for four -- they've been in control. they've had congress for four years, white house for two. >> there's still a decline in all measures of the economy, housing, employment, health of the consumer. there's nothing the democrats heading into november can point to and say we did this.
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we are happy about this. harry reid in nevada -- >> sean: not my fault, 14% unemployment. >> was absurd on his par. what is really important for republicans to do right now -- not just assume that the demise is going to get them there. are articulate and putting people out there like michelle bachmann and people who have positive ideas. >> sean: they need to put the ideas on paper. >> they have. a lot of the young guns have done that. paul ryan and mike pence are doing a great job. they have to be aggressive. >> sean: good to see you, thank you both. head over to for more details on the midterms and the other stories we are covering here on hannity. stay with us, plenty more yet to come. >> simply put, it is time to move on. >> sean: now that mayor daley is calling it quits will rahmbo leave washington to
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take the reins of the chicago corruption machine? imam rauf standing by his choice for the mosque at ground zero. actresspú÷÷
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>> sean: rahm emanuel's time in the white house may be coming to an end. suspicion is swirling he may depart the sinking sthoeup run for mayor of chicago. >> one day i would like to run for mayor for the city of chicago that's been an aspiration even when i was in the house of representatives. >> sean: now the job is up for grabs. mayor daley shocked the political world yesterday by
12:25 am
nunsing he will not run for reelection. his father preceded him as mayor and one or the other has run the city for much of the past 55 years. the daleys have done a bit to contribute to chicago's reputation as a hotbed of corruption. suspected that elderly daley helped schwinn the election in jfk's favor with the votes of more than a few dead people that race was died -- was decided with just 9,000 votes in illinois. a daley ally was convicted for trying to pack the payroll with campaign workers. i think rahmbo would be a worthy successor. joining me with analysis is the author of culture of corruption, michelle malkin. first of all, if you look at orszag leaving and roamer leave -- leaving the economic time leaving, i don't think rahmbo has much time any way.
12:26 am
>> i think that's right. you look at the folks who are bailing. the thing is christine roamer went back to berkeley cushy teaching job. peter orszag think tanks, cushy jobs. why would rahm emanuel want to go back to the windy city which is reeling economically? buried in debt. crime infested public housing, corrupted police department. i guess he just wants to finish off the city once and for all. and i think as a practical matter he better decide soon. the primary is february 22nd. i believe he's got to file and gather close to 13,000 signatures by november 22nd if he's getting in at all. it is interesting, as much as he has sort of the national reputation and the raised profile, a lot of chicago observers wonder what kind of constituency he has left? yes, he will be able to raise
12:27 am
money from his old hedge fund friends and former freddie and fannie mae executives. constituency in the city is questionable. these going to face a lot of competition from the far left especially. the progressive open borders, congressman gutierrez, i think wants to get in. jesse jackson, despite all of his corrupt baggage, is interested in the position as well. rahm emanuel and jesse jackson both still have to face questions with the upcoming retrial of rod blagojevich. >> sean: i think in the blagojevich case it is interesting, we had sworn testimony, the media didn't pay attention to this rahmbo and the president himself in spite of what they said publicly were up to their eyeballs in trying to influence who it was that blago picked to replace obama for his old senate seat. i think there may be more to come. it may even in the end, be
12:28 am
some legal issues for them. >> you would hope there would be consequences, of course this is chicago. and i suppose there might be some sort of political calculation that all of that dirt and all of that grasp and conspiracy helps rather than hurts them. >> sean: we are 55 days out as of today, michelle. you are known as a strong solid conservative. you know, we watched what happened in alaska, we saw what happened with sharon -- sharron angle in nevada, rand paul, establish. versus the tea party movement. tea party movement keeps winning. we have another case emerging next tuesday delaware christine o'donnell, the establishment is trying to assassinate her character, smear her. mike castle voted for obamacare, tarp, cap and tax, the establishment wants him. what can we interpret from
12:29 am
that? >> we've talked many times, sean, about the need for conservatives to stand up and make sure that there are real choices at the ballot box and conservatives do not repeat the same nations of the past and put people in office or back into office entrenched incumbents who have sided with our political opponents and enemies and on the wrong side for american taxpayers rather than the right side. it is time to stop rewarding big government republicans who colluded with the democrats to create the same problems we had in the first place. as a conservative i believe in the marketplace, whether political or economic, that more choices are better. i am not afraid of the fact that there is rancor among the grass roots. and there are more alternatives. i endorsed christine o'donnell. i met her over the past couple of weeks -- >> sean: i've known her for
12:30 am
years. here's my problem -- >> she is not perfect, but who is? >> sean: only you michelle. >> far from it. >> sean: if he voted for cap and tax, tarp and obama care, and everything else, i'm is a prescription for the republican party to fail. that doesn't sound like the conservative ascendancy that the country wants. why would the establishment get so strongly behind somebody that voted with the democrats so often? >> because they put politics above principle. and i'm sick of that. that's what got us into this mess in the first place. and bravo for people for standing up, getting into the political arena, weathering the slings and arrows that come with it. and refusing to sit on the sidelines. it is time to get in the game that's what is happening. that's why the republican establishment is so afraid of people that they have not anointed to be their
12:31 am
entrenched incumbent water carriers. >> sean: interesting to watch tuesday. michelle malkin, thanks. on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, imam rauf comes out with his most extensive comments on the ground zero mosque controversy yet. yeah. gear up with great deals at bass pro shops. like... bass pro shops. your adventure starts here.
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>> sean: so just days from commemorating the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks imam feisal abdul-rauf is sounding off with his most comprehensive commentary. he has stayed quiet while traveling in the mideast on the state department's dime to promote his so-called religious tolerance. upon his return to the u.s. this past weekend he wrote a 1,000 word on ran in the "new york times" in which he defends the building of the mosque saying: we are proceeding with the community center i'm convinced it is right thing to do. americans must not back away
12:36 am
from completion of this project. rauf stresses that my life's work has been focused on building bridges teen religious groups. our objective has always been to make this a center for case and healing. is this unification? what about the laundry list of still unanswered questions? joining me michael gause. board member of the muslim canadian congress, riel rassa is with us. you have said there is a stubbornness and tone-deafness creating a backlash. we don't build a mosque on the graveyard of people mo wrongly died in the name of allah. you say as a muslim you find this offensive, why? >> i find it offensive to be building a mosque on the -- on top of what is considered to
12:37 am
be a graveyard because it is not sensitive to the feelings of the people who live there. not sensitive to the people of the community. a mosque is to be built with feelings of the community not just four walls, a place of spiritual record ship. our faith tells us to be sensitive to the feelings of others especially nonmuslims when we live among them and to be sense i have to their feelings and compassionate this doesn't show compassion to me. in his 1,000 word op-ed imam rauf said he's sensitive to the victims of 9/11. when a tended a meeting of the organizers and his wife daisy, the property developer said he didn't even understand why people were feeling sensitive about building a mosque at this location. imam rauf, three times in his article has mentioned the fact that the legal rights to build something. of course everyone knows that he has rights so does the pastor in florida.
12:38 am
does it make ethical and moral? the same people who invoke the first amendment for rights if they want to criticize the pastor in florida for wanting to burn the qur'an, what grounds do they have to stand on? to me, the imam hasn't answered any of the questions that are key to the building of this mosque. like the funding. where will the funding come from? >> sean: great question. before that, some unification when 70% of americans don't want it. they've heard the arguments. they've heard his radical statements. his desire to make america sharia comply khrapbt. -- compliant, lack of condemnation of hamas. you went to new york you met with the organizers here and you got a threatening, intimidating call about that. can you tell us about that? >> when i first heard of this bidding of the mosque at ground zero by the name the name has changed to cordoba
12:39 am
house. i was concerned because it didn't feel right. i wrote an on saying this is not a good idea. i was invited to a meeting that was held by the organizers. at that meeting i met the wife of the imam and the property developer. basically what he said was that i don't see why i have to sit here and give an slant nation of why this is sensitive to the feelings of new yorkers. the people in the room were victims and families of 9/11. and they expressed very clearly that it is not the idea of the mosque that bothers them. it is the location that bothers them and could it not be at another location? which is an idea that i support. six days later, i was called on my cell phone and he first accused me of jumping -- >> sean: i'm running out of time. >> and he threatened me. >> sean: michael, first of all, you have yet to give me a
12:40 am
satisfactory explanation. america is an access troy 9/11. he won't condemn hamas. all of the controversy surrounding this man. he's not a unifier. this guy has been divisive. now he's saying we are putting it there, i don't care what the american people think. isn't that what he's saying? >> well sean, the real issue is -- >> sean: the real issue is answering my question. >> tell me what it is. >> he has not addressed the controversy surrounding him. i want to 9/11. -- is an accessory to 9/11. >> sean: not out of context, we played it on this program, sir. >> there is no question about it, america is not an accessory. terrorists killed 3,000 americans now we other radicals in our country who
12:41 am
want to frighten the muslim americans. first of all the whole thing thank you mentioned about 70% of americans what they don't know sean is that it is not a mosque, it is not on ground zero. it is built outside that is the issue. >> sean: it is right near ground zero. i'm running out of time. >> how clouds? >> >> sean: it is right near there. >> it is two blocks away. >> sean: if you don't condemn hamas, a terror organization whose charter calls for the destruction of israel that tells me a lot about you. number two, awe america of being an act res . that tells me a lot but. osama bin laden made in the u.s. that tells me a lot but. you want to push in aside and regurgitate this talking point he's a tune fire. i don't see unification from this imam michael. >> topic is the community center that is the topic.
12:42 am
this is say shrine, a hope for america to change the society we want. >> sean: no it is not. we got to run thank you. greta is coming up. a sneak peek of what is coming up on the record. >> greta: tonight former secretary of state henry kissinger is here i'm going to ask him whether the current secretary of state might be going a little rogue. dana perino is here, mike penence is here. attorney general of virginia is here they have news on the federal health care bill. that and more. >> sean: let not your hard be troubled our great, great great american panel, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ [meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief?
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel. editor at daily
12:47 am
tucker carlson is here. daytime emmy nominated actress best known for her roles on all my children sydney pen here. kirsten.ers with is here. you do soap operas and you married and you have make-out scenes with good looking actors and i said doesn't your husband gets jealous? you said not even a little bit. >> i hope gets jealous a little bit. >> sean: wouldn't you get jealous tucker? >> are you kidding. >> sean: you were recently married? >> yeah, but i'm not an actor. for actresses it is different. >> sean: is it as technical as everyone says or is this technical baloney? >> have you ever felt attracted to a person were you kissing onset? >> absolutely not. how could that happen. >> you are a good actress.
12:48 am
>> sean: we've really shifted the focus. harry reid is not to blame for 14% unemployment in nevada. here's what said. >> i think it would take a real stretch to think that i caused the problems with the economy. i tried to do a lot to stop the bush spending from going on we went from a 7 trillion dollar surplus over 10 years to when he left office a 10 trillion dollar debt. so, i don't have any hand in what took place during the bush administration. tried rein that in. >> sean: obama has accumulated more debt in 18 months than president bush did in eight years. i don't want to hear it. he's not responsible? one of the most powerful guys in washington. >> ' cule lated more debt because there was an economic crisis. the point is, -- he's not
12:49 am
individually responsible but he's a member of congress and has a powerful position. he cannot say as many person who was there when the spending was going on they don't bear some responsibility. it is not just harry reid. >> for the average person sitting and listening to that i would say he bears more responsibility than i do. >> sean: you're not spending that money. i love this tucker, i'm not responsible they passed the stimulus, it is their budget. >> you are being unfair sean. you are saying congress had something to do with passing laws? the senate majority leader might have a hand in some of the laws that come through congress. i think that's wrong. >> sean: okay media man. thanks tucker. the point is, look, i think what is happening is the american people have rejected your party. they've rejected your president. you don't think they are in for a beating. look, you have written columns that have been --
12:50 am
>> i think they would have been in for a beating, no matter what happened. the question is how big is it going to be. i don't think people have totally turned against obama. his approval ratings aren't that horrific. >> sean: 2/3 of the country think america is in a decline. >> i'm not going to sit here and cheer for the democrats now things are not going well obviously, they've made some mistakes. >> sean: hollywood is known for being liberal. are you breaking the mold, based on your earlier comments? >> yeah, i guess. >> are you coming out? >> uh-oh there's going to be a big price to pay. >> well what are you gonna do? >> sean: look, i think back to my former life. before i got into radio and tv, i worked at restaurants my whole life. i worked in construction for many years. struggling to pay my way through college. those are the people i'm
12:51 am
concerned -- 14% untphroeupl nevada, 20% if you add the -- unemployment in , 20% if you add the underemployed. don't go to vegas. >> they said pass this legislation the president said to the public support this legislation, congress pass it and unemployment will be below 9%. look, at some point you have to judge, almost two years to judge him by. failure. >> sean: a lot more with our great american panel. by the way, i want to abolish swing sets in school. copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i can join the fun and games wi my grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, cluding chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory
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you're so popular. like prom queen. [ telephone rings ] [ male announcer ] want a great deal on car insurance? go to esurance.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. powers is calling me a liberal during the break.
12:56 am
in west virginia elementary school play tkpwreupbds, they are ail losing their swing sets. the reason is the towns are being sued. so, my attitude is wait a minute, people are gonna use swing sets at the school they get injured and they don't take responsibility for the actions in watching their kids or the kids do something crazy, you sue the school. so get rid of the swing sets. the kids can't read, write and do math. let's knock the swing sets down and teach them how to read. >> why don't we make fun illegal? i understand [ talking over each other ] >> why are people suing the school because of something that happens on the playground? >> how about meaningful tort reform that would prevent the lawsuits in the first place. swing sets and merry-go-rounds teach danger at a young age. >> sean: buy your own swing
12:57 am
set -- >> danger and risk in a public setting. >> sean: i had a swing set in my backyard and it drove me nuts. >> what is wrong with kids always getting hurt? i grew up, there were no helmets, there was nothing. [ talking over each other ] >> i was thrown off a horse. >> it is a miracle we survived, when you look at the rules now. >> children now are supposed to wear helmets in the car, did you know that? i read that the other day. >> sean: you agree with me, why should taxpayers be generous give the kids the swing sets, get sued and payoff the lawsuit and the kids still can't read, write and do math. why are you looking at me ? you want swing sets. >> i'm a fan of swing sets.
12:58 am
>> sean: why can't you build it in your own backyard? >> what about people who live in the city? >> yeah. >> it is fun to get out and run around and throw sharp objects at one another. >> sean: put it in the bedroom they can hit the ceiling. >> did you start a coalition with the liberals on this? >> sean: it is not liberal my position. >> the people suing them -- i saw something, you are not the only person to come up with this ban. >> sean: i don't want to ban salt. i don't want the government involved in our life. one thing that drives me crazy kids play sports in school they don't keep score because they don't want to 0 -- to offend the kids or hurt their feelings? >> so how do you know who the losers are? >> sean: don't you want to keep score? >> yes. and i don't think we can protect our kids from everything. there's a certain age where
12:59 am
you've got to take some knocks. you got to develop a little bit of a tough skin to deal with the world. >> sean: that's what i love. mydsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsds play sportn about winning, losing, playing fair and understanding that everything does not go the way you want. why are liberals saying you can't keep score. >> i don't think that's a liberal thing. i think it is whiney parents. >> sean: they don't want johnny or susie feeling bad. >> i don't think it has anything to do with politics. i have a problem with it, but i don't think it is political. i agree sports -- >> you don't think that is true if you were to poll 50 conservative and liberals and asked if competition was a good thing? i think the liberals start crying in the middle. >> i don't i think that is true. i don't. i think parents when it comes to their own children we have such annt
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